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New JP Trailers from Nintendo Direct [8.29.12]

Nintendo of Japan has concluded their latest Nintendo Direct live stream, which focused mostly on upcoming 3DS titles. We’ve got loads of brand new footage for Animal Crossing, Paper Mario: Sticker Star and even a first look at an upcoming eshop title known as Harmo Knight. Share these new Trailers with your friends on Facebook, […]

Kirby Mass Attack – Japanese Overview Trailer

One of the last big hurrahs for the Nintendo DS is Kirby Mass Attack. The title focuses on controlling 10 Kirby characters by using the system’s touch screen. You can flick them, grab them and more! It’s pretty easy to understand why ten Kirbys are cuter than just one. Check out the new Japanese Overview […]

E3 2011 – All 3DS Game Trailers

The Nintendo 3DS is destined to have one amazing Holiday season this year. It’s almost overwhelming just how much fun the 3DS is about to have. Check out all of the Nintendo 3DS game trailers from E3 2011 just below here. You can also view these game trailers in 3D via the eShop on your […]

E3 2011 – All Wii Game Trailers

With all the hype buzzing around the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, it might be easy to forget the little white box simply titled Wii. No worries, we’ve gathered together all of the Game Trailers for upcoming Wii software right here in this one post. Everything from the unexpected, but awesome Mario Party 9 to […]

E3 2011 – Rayman Origins Trailer

Rayman Origins will be arriving on Wii later this, complete with up to 4 player co-op. If you’ve been craving even more fun in the lines of New Super Mario Bros. Wii – this game seems to be right up your ally! Not to mention the game has some gorgeous visuals and classic platforming fun […]

NEW eShop Japanese Launch Trailer

We’re just days away from the eShop going live on the Nintendo 3DS. This morning Nintendo of Japan has officially launched the eShop website. Lots of new information is detailed for Japan such as launch titles, info on the 3DS Web Browser and more. Of course details will be slightly different for North America, Europe, […]

Premiere Trailer – Wii Play Motion

Wii Play Motion is due out early next month and promises lots of crazy mini game action starring your Miis. The game comes packed with a Wii Remote Plus controller for $49.99 here in North America. Check out this premiere trailer for your first peek at the new minis. Share this new trailer with your […]

Premiere Trailer – FAST Racing League

After a long wait we finally get to see Shin’en’s upcoming Wii Ware racer in action! Aside from being one of the best looking Wii Ware titles, FAST also features support for up to 4 Players, Challenges, Unique Gameplay and more! FAST Racing League is heading to Wii Ware on May 27th in Europe and […]

Nintendo 3DS Game Trailers (2.21.2011)

Nintendo of America has just released new trailers for upcoming Nintendo 3DS games. Among these trailers is Nintendogs + Cats, Pilot Wings Resort and Steel Diver. I believe it’s a safe bet that all three of these games will be available on the system’s launch day here in North America. Share these trailers with your […]

chick chick BOOM Demo is OUT NOW!

You may have seen chick chick BOOM here on The Fold and maybe even our Video Review in which we rewarded the Wii Ware game an 8 out of 10. If you still weren’t convinced to download the game yourself maybe this will help! For a limited time you can now download a FREE demo […]