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Video Review – Mutant Mudds (3DS eShop)

Retro mudd splashing action has arrived on the 3DS eShop! Join Max on a quest to clean up his world of the evil Mutant Mudds. You’re armed of course with a trusty water canon. Check out TheBitBlock’s video review to find out if this is an adventure worth embarking on. Share this muddy review with […]

Video Tour – Wii Party (1 Player Games)

Wii Party is very much a game intended for multiple people to enjoy in the same room at once. However, the game does feature several very fun Solo Player games to check out if perhaps your friends or family aren’t available to play. In this Video Tour we’re taking a look at some of the […]

Video Tour – Dive: The Medes Island Secret

Grab your speedo and bikinis because we’re jumping into the ocean and getting soaked in some Dive: The Medes Island Secret! The game just released in North America and Europe on the Wii Ware service for only 1,000 Wii points. It’s a unique 2D scuba diving treasure hunt game which is both relaxing and challenging […]

Video Tour – Wii Party (Mini Games)

With over 80 Mini Games Wii Party offers up lots of crazy situations for your Miis to get into. You may be dressed up as super heroes racing around the cosmos, chopping wooden logs as ninjas, running on the beach in your swim suits and so much more! Today we’re checking out a total of […]

Video Tour – Jett Rocket (Wii Ware)

Jett Rocket is a great example of what can be achieved in a Wii Ware title. Not only is it tons of fun to play, but the visuals are hands down the best you’ll see in any Wii Ware game! If you have yet to check it out perhaps this brand new Video Tour demonstration […]

Mini Video Tours – Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is hands down one of the best games you could possibly get your hands on. With even more stars to collect than the original title, even crazier characters and more challenging gameplay it’s sure to be an out of this world experience! Grab some freeze dried mushrooms, a space suit and […]

Video Tour – Red Steel 2 (Boss Battle)

One of the most surprising things about Red Steel 2 is just how intense a Boss Battle can get. These foes really want you dead and it shows in their animations and fast paced attacks. It’s also cool that you must learn how a Boss is fighting you in order to get the best of […]

Video Tour – Red Steel 2 (Overview)

NOTE: I apologize for the tardiness of our Red Steel 2 coverage. It was all recorded in advance, but I decided it needed to be tossed out and re-filmed as it lacked a few details. It’s finally arrived on Wii and we’ve got one of the most in depth looks at Red Steel 2 just […]

Video Tour – Max & the Magic Marker (Wii Ware)

There have been several game’s in which you can draw your own character and even type out any object you can imagine to pop into the play field. Max & the Magic Marker however allows player’s to draw right on screen to assist Max in solving puzzles and finding his way through the level. In […]

Video Tour – Aqua Living (Wii Ware)

Turning your television into a fish aquarium can become a dangerous electrical hazard, trust me on that. Thankfully developer Paon has a solution with Aqua Living on Nintendo’s Wii Ware service! For 800 Nintendo Pts. you can have your very own virtual fish tank right on your television screen. Customize the aquarium with your favorite […]