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THE FOLD – Mario Kart 8 (Series One)


Mario Kart 8 may be several weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join us on The Fold to check out an early look at some courses! In this first series of episodes we’re speeding through Thwomp Ruins, the Electrodrome & Sunshine Airport. The track designs in the title are pretty fantastic and varied! […]

THE FOLD – Yoshi’s New Island | Co-Op MiniGames


Yoshi’s New Island features a handful of Cooperative MiniGames for you and friend to take on! Everything from tossing eggs, eating Koopas, popping balloon and more. Today on The Fold Nick and I will be attempting to grab ourselves some egg-cellent high scores in all 6 of the games! Share this episode of The Fold […]

THE FOLD – Disney Infinity | Monster’s University

Disney Infinity takes players on exciting journeys through monster infested universities, an action packed cityscape, the unforgiving nautical oceans and so much more! Today on The Fold we’ll be flaunting our school spirit through the college grounds of Monster’s University. Fear Tech is up to their usual nonsense, and it’s up to us to teach […]

THE FOLD – Pikmin 3 | Challenge Mode

The Challenge Mode in Pikmin 3 for Wii U is really great! It’s for 1 or 2 Players, so today on The Fold we’ll be teaming up and working together to collect as much Fruit in the Time Limit as possible. Using each Pikmin type to their fullest is a must if you really want […]

Disney Week | THE FOLD – Goof Troop

Welcome to an entire week of celebrating retro Disney gaming fun! In this Super Nintendo game, Goofy & Max have some pirate troubles, honestly I can kinda relate! Goof Troop is basically Goofy’s take on The Legend of Zelda styled gameplay. It’s tons of fun and even makes you think about solving puzzles. Grab some powerups, […]

Disney Week | THE FOLD – DuckTales

Welcome to an entire week of celebrating retro Disney gaming fun! Tonight is all about treasure. If your childhood did not involve DuckTales, you missed out on not only an amazing TV Show, but also one of the most recognized original Nintendo titles. Armed with his trusty cane Scrooge Mcduck takes on an epic journey across […]

THE FOLD – Pokemon Rumble U

The 4 Player beat em’ up known as Pokemon Rumble U has arrived on Wii U in Japan! This downloadable eShop title is pretty simple. Wind up Pokemon Toys duke it out in Battle Arenas, it’s really that simple! Today on THE FOLD we’ll be taking on 3 of the Challenges, so be sure to […]

THE FOLD – Game & Wario

The residents of Diamond City have gotten their hands on the latest gaming gadget & they’re about to show you just how much fun it can be! Game & Wario has players using the GamePad controller in a variety of intuitive, wacky & overall fun ways! Because Wario himself insisted on it, we decided to devote an […]

THE FOLD – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon features a local & online multiplayer mode known as the The ScareScraper. Inside of the ScareScraper there are 3 different modes. Hunter has players taking on tons of ghouls, Rush tasks the team to find an Exit hatch before time runs out and Polterpup is all about tracking down the adorable […]

THE FOLD – LEGO City: Undercover

After a long break, The Fold is finally back, and we’re checking out one of the first great Wii U titles – LEGO City Undercover! Even though this is a 1 Player story driven game, we thought it would be a fun to casually explore the massive city and see what kind of trouble we […]