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The Pipeline – Nintendo News for September 25, 2012

With the Tokyo Game Show wrapping up we’ve been given plenty of new information on upcoming software for Nintendo systems. Updates on Fantasy Life, Ace Attorney 5 and the latest from Professor Layton. Not to mention Game Informer continues their WiiU coverage with a quick look at the overworld map in New Super Mario Bros. […]

The Pipeline – Nintendo News for September 12, 2012

We’re just a few hours away from Nintendo’s big WiiU press events that are taking place around the world. No doubt an absolute shower of news will be flooding the internet. Before we all go nuts with price, release date, games and so on, here’s a pre-megaton edition of The Pipeline! This past few days […]

The Pipeline – Nintendo News for September 9, 2012

It’s always an exciting week when we get new information & screens for upcoming WiiU titles! Game Informer magazine has details on New Super Mario Bros. U as well as Nintendo Land and the all-new Metroid Blast attraction. We also got several new titles revealed this week including Ace Attorney 5 and Fluidity: Spin Cycle […]

The Pipeline – Nintendo News for August 31, 2012

The recent Nintendo Direct stream held in Japan has brought us plenty of news to get excited for. The stream brought us updates on Animal Crossing, Paper Mario and even a new eshop game known as Harmo Knight! In addition we’ve got new screens for Epic Mickey: The Power of Two and new trailers for […]

The Pipeline – Nintendo News for July 15, 2012

It’s always a good week in Nintendo news when we’ve got updates for some of the biggest game franchises! This week we’re checking out scans for Animal Crossing 3DS, a new trailer for New Super Mario Bros. 2, screenshots for Castlevania and more! Hit up the links below for more details on all of this […]

The Pipeline – Adventure Time, Pokemon & MORE!

What time is it? Time for Nintendo news! This week we’ve got the first Screenshots for Adventure Time on the Nintendo 3DS, Updates on Shin’en titles coming to WiiU and 3DS, Release dates for Pokemon Black & White 2 and more! New Artwork & Screenshots for New Art Academy. Nintendo opens up Photo Showcase website. […]

The Pipeline – Nintendo Direct Post E3 News

It’s no surprise that three Nintendo Direct streams means tons of Nintendo news! The 3DS goes XL, New Japanese footage for Animal Crossing 3DS, Kirby’s 20th Birthday is coming up, Professor Layton is finally leaving Japan and more! Nintendo 3DS XL announced for August 19th release. New Super Mario Bros. 2 JP Website & new […]

The Pipeline – Pokemon, ZombiU, Netflix WiiU & More!

The rumblings of E3 have calmed down, but news for WiiU and Nintendo 3DS keeps flowing in. This week we check out Pokemon Black & White 2 trailers, Direct feed gameplay for ZombiU, A look at Netflix on WiiU and more! Hit up the links below to learn more about all the topics highlighted in this […]

The Pipeline – Pikmin 2, E3, Rabbids Rumble & More!

The Pipeline returns with loads of pre-E3 Nintendo news from this past week. We’ve got a first look at Rabbids Rumble, Information on a new 3DS stylus patent, Release information for Mutant Mudds in Europe and more! Hit up the links below to learn more about all the topics highlighted in this week’s show. Pikmin […]

PIPELINE – Nintendo News for June 2, 2011

Today in the Pipeline we’ve got big updates for the upcoming eShop on the Nintendo 3DS. We’ve also got more gorgeous screens for Rayman Origins, a Mutant Mudds website launch, First details and screens for Heroes of Ruin and more! Stop wasting time and jump into The Pipeline just below! Share The Pipeline with your […]