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chick chick BOOM – Interview + Gameplay Video

chick chick BOOM

Recently we were lucky enough to interview the team behind the upcoming Wii Ware title chick chick BOOM. The game is being developed by tons of bits and releases in Europe on October 29th for only 800 Wii Points. A North American release date and price point have yet to be announced. For even more […]

Interview – Jett Rocket Development


Jett Rocket is a fantastic platforming adventure Wii Ware title developed by Shin’en, which you can download now for only 1,000 Wii Points. Recently I had a chance to discuss the title’s development with Manfred Linzner who works as Project Manager at the studio. We discuss everything from motion controls, multiplayer and even Jett Rocket […]

Interview – Rabbids Go Home Customization

If you haven’t guessed based on all the coverage we’ve put up, WiiFolder loves Rabbids Go Home. Is there anything better than the Rabbids, a shopping cart, scaring clothes off of humans and surfing through sewers on a mattress? No, there is not. Luckily we recently got in contact with Jean Philippe Caro the Assistant […]