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Mario Tennis Open – Secrets & Unlockables


Mario Tennis Open features nearly 200 accessories to unlock as well as a small handful of characters and additional difficulty settings. Below you’ll find an incomplete list of the game’s hidden content. This list will update with more information through the rest of May. CHARACTERS: Baby Mario: Clear 1-3 in Super Mario Tennis. Baby Peach: […]

Nintendo Announces Wii Play Motion

I'm going to sell millions!

This morning, out of nowhere Nintendo of America has announced Wii Play Motion, coming to the Wii on June 13th, 2011. This is the sequel to the extremely popular Wii Play game which launched in 2007. Wii Play Motion comes bundled with a Black Wii Remote Plus controller and features 12 games that all require […]

Shin’en to reveal new 3DS Action game!


The studio behind Jett Rocket, Art of Balance and FAST Racing League is looking to bring intense action to your 3DS! We’ve just gotten word from Shin’en that their first 3DS title will be revealed in the next couple weeks. Although we don’t know much about the upcoming game, we were privy to a small […]

Happy Birthday to Red Steel 2!

It’s March 23rd, which means only 1 year ago the exhilarating First Person Brawler known as Red Steel 2 made it’s long awaited debut on the Wii. To this day the title holds a special place in my motion controlled gaming heart. Nothing really gives you the feeling of slicing and shooting down your foes quite […]

Something’s Fishy About AR Games…

Try a BLUE background for a school of Sardines to appear!

The Nintendo 3DS is a system that is full of surprises and easter eggs. In AR Games Fishing for example you can trigger a number of crazy events. Simply by placing different colors under the AR Card you will discover hidden secrets… Try a BLUE background for a school of Sardines to appear! A RED […]

FEATURE – Fun With 3DS Photos (Volume 1)

Yes, ladies it's true I am Pro Status in Wii Sports Tennis. ;)

Snapping photos on the Nintendo 3DS can be pretty addicting. It becomes even more fun when you try to come up with little scenes for your Miis in the AR Games Mii Viewer. You can add in Miis to the scene from the Mii Maker, change their size, pose and position. We’ve been messing around […]

NOA Announces 18 3DS Launch Games

Flying, Puppies and Subs, Oh my!

Nintendo of America has finally announced which games you’ll be able to pick up along with your shiny new 3DS system on March 27th. Below is a complete list of the 18 launch games for the Nintendo 3DS from both First Party and Third Party. First Party: Pilot Wings Resort ($39.99) Steel Diver ($39.99) Nintendogs […]

Nintendo 3DS US Launch & Price ANNOUNCED!

See you on March 27th!

Save your pennies kids because we’ve finally gotten official word that Nintendo 3DS will cost $249.99 in the USA and release on Sunday, March 27th, 2011. Sadly as of yet we do not know which games will launch with the system. Nintendo seems to have forgotten this bit of information during their press conference…

Nintendo Details NEW Wi-Fi For Nintendo 3DS


Unlike Nintendo’s past Wi-Fi service, the Wi-Fi connectivity for Nintendo 3DS will be closer to what fans have wanted all along. We still have a Friend Code for our systems, however we no longer have to put in a separate code for every game. Once you’ve added a friend’s system code you’ll be able to […]

Cosmos Black & Aqua Blue Launch Colors

Launch Colors for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo of Europe and America have announced that the launch colors for Nintendo 3DS will be Cosmos Black and Aqua Blue. This matches the Japanese launch colors.