Video Journal – Pokemon X/Y | Frantic Forest Fights

When it comes to Pokemon, I think it’s safe to say most gamers have experienced at least a few of the titles. Being one of the few outsiders who actually has yet to really play a Pokemon game, I felt Pokemon X/Y could be a good starting point. Because nearly everything will be so new and fresh to me, I thought documenting some of my experiences through a Video Journal might be an interesting experiment.

Today we’re entering the dark Santalune Forest. It’s filled with Pokemon all waiting for a heated battle! It’s my first time really getting into the battle system so let’s see how it goes!

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5 Responses to “Video Journal – Pokemon X/Y | Frantic Forest Fights”

  1. You have to catch them to know the pokemon type, there isn’t a way to learn it through battle.

  2. There’s a few ways to determine the pokemon type in the game.

    1. Learn type weaknesses and strengths (eg. water strong against fire, electric ineffective against ground).
      Try different type moves to narrow down the type(s) that the enemy pokemon is.
    2. Capture a pokemon. You can then look up caught pokemon in the pokedex to check their type, size, location and description.
    3. Make an educated guess based upon appearance (colour, features), name, and/or moves used.

  3. This page and the links in the article should prove immensely helpful.

  4. Hiya! Another episode! =D
    Fletchling (the red little bird) is a really cool Pokémon so you should definitely use one if you come across it! Also, Weedle is boss! Keep at it and you’ll be a Pokemon master before long, Josh!

  5. The video journals are cool. Keep them up! I wonder though, how do you record your videos? :0

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