REVIEW – The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 is essentially a nonstop action experience. Just when you thought you’ve seen the most over the top scenario, the game surprises you with something even crazier. Your always expanding team of super heroes can morph together to create unstoppable weaponry that’s used to defend the planet from evil space invaders! Does all the excitement and combat pay off? Check out the detailed Video Review just below!

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One Response to “REVIEW – The Wonderful 101”

  1. nice review. One of the few “fair” reviews on the interwebz.
    This is a great game that only gets better and better the more you play and replay the missions. The combat is so ridiculously deep and involved. Most people will only ever be scratching the surface of what’s possible. Every time i replay a mission i’m discovering something new.
    Once you’ve bought some upgrades from the Wonderful Mart, and leveled up your Unite Morphs, the game really starts to shine.
    It’s much more fun on your second and third playthrough, when you know what’s coming and can concentrate on dishing out the hurt rather than thinking WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING!!

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