Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf | Swim & Splash!

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This afternoon myself & Mayor Danmox set sail for a sun filled day at Panera’s tropical island. We reeled in some fish, cooled off with a dive and took on Tortimer’s Easy Hammer Tour. All that time spent bonkin’ Robotic Cornimer on the head made me break quite a sweat! Check out the Video Journal below to join in on the fun!

I’ve also included some of the latest photos I’ve taken on my adventures as Mayor.

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00024   00031   00038

00190   00254   00051

00013   00032   00163

00207   00049   00206

17 Responses to “Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf | Swim & Splash!”

  1. Very cool video journal, and I especially dig the photo gallery. I especially like the creepy shot of you staring at a sleeping Gaston.

  2. OH SNAP! Can you use ur mic instead of texting on this in this new animal crossing game? :D

    1. Non-Stupid Person

      No, it is through Skype.

  3. Nicole Robertson

    Oh my gosh!!!!! This video journal is hilarious :D
    I loved it!! :) Josh, I love every single one of your videos!! You guys are sooo awesome!!!

  4. Yeah! Sometimes I forget that this game is on 3D, but only makes it more especial. And your comments are brilliant! Don´t stop making videos, Josh!

  5. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. This video is so cool. I can’t wait until the release.

  6. When the american version comes out can you
    tell us your code so we can go to your town in the fream world?
    I would love to go through Mayor Joshy`s new town

  7. It looked like you had a great time on Daniel’s island. You two should go to Club LOL in the future or just wander around Hocotate so you can show off your town to Daniel!

    *Off Topic: I would love to know the name or code of the town you visited in Dream Diary 8. Those patterns looked so cool! Thank you for any info you can provide, and I hope you will later do a few new Dream Diaries! :)

  8. That shirtless sunbathing pic is hilarious

  9. Could you release your qr creations?

  10. What is your Dream Address? Really want to visit your town, but there are too many towns named Hocotate.

  11. Hia Joshua! :)
    You may remember me from another comment on another journal entire. I think I was mayor allison… But any ways I was wondering if you would ever have a contest for your FC…I know that’s kinda stupid and I think kinda weird. But I know that many of your subscribers would enjoy a little love. ;) not that they don’t get it almost everday! <3 thanks for reading and considering.
    And yes, again will probably fan-girl sream and pee my pants if you reply.
    Lots of love,

  12. Oops meant for you to exchange friend codes with the winner.

  13. Cool journal! Continue pls! XDD
    Bye from Sp!

  14. i Finlay have a piece of santa clothing

  15. i love all your video journal and dream diaries i wish i could see your town

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