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I’ve officially grown a bit tired of living in this tent. Oh sure I enjoy sleeping on the hard ground as much as the next fella, but there’s something extra nice about home ownership. It’s definitely time to head over to Nook’s Homes and place a down payment on my future house! While I was hanging out at Main Street I also decided to send off some Letters. I sure hope Ruby enjoys her Beehive gift!

This Fish smells and it ain’t worth many Bells! Yuck!

Hocotate’s population has definitely been growing. The village is up to nine cheerfully fuzzy residents! A new Eagle named Keaton arrived this morning. He was busy unpacking, but I still decided to barge in and welcome him to town. Hey what’s the point of being Mayor if you can’t interrupt work from being accomplished? I’m pretty excited to see what he fills his homestead with. I bet it’ll be lots of tropical furniture that smells like a fresh breezy morning beach!

                                       A quick visit to Nookling Junction resulted in a Fire Bar item!

Crazy Redd (apparently my Cousin?) had set up his Tent in the Town Square this evening. Something about it seems a bit shady, and it isn’t just from the Town Tree… I purchased a Great Statue for 3,920 Bells. I can’t wait to donate it for all eyes to enjoy at the Hocotate Museum. To be honest, I can’t help but feel something about the deal was a bit off, perhaps even craaaazy?

00069It was Clothing! I guessed right so I got her shirt.

Well, I’m off to sleep in my Tent for one last night!
–A back aching Mayor Joshua.

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  1. Another great video journal! Do you plan to continue this series after the game is release in NA and the UK?

  2. Always a pleasure to watch these and read the stories that go along with the video. Can’t wait until the game comes out so I can make some adventures myself!

  3. Hey Josh, just wanted to say good job for how far you’ve come with TheBitBlock. I’ve been following Wiifolder for a couple years now and have enjoyed your FOLD episodes (especially the silliest of them) along with all your top notch Nintendo coverage. Keep up the good work and don’t work too hard! :)

  4. Ooh, I actually have incentive to check the site instead of just watching the Youtube videos. :) Love the journal entry/screenshots!

  5. You don’t like Ruby? I loved Ruby when she was in my town in City Folk.

  6. Ruby? Oh c’mon, she’s a classic!

    1. She is the worst! Her eyes are bleeding red! 0_o

  7. Josh, I know getting repeat questions on your YouTube videos isn’t always fun. Consider posting any info that you want viewers to read in the “Show More” section at the top and encourage them to read it first before posting comments. Maybe that will help. Thank you so much for uploading these videos. They are so much fun to watch and are really appreciated.

  8. Hey Josh you probably don’t but, do you know if nintendo are doing an early mayor programme outside of the US?

    Also thanks for the journals, I really appreciate them and your Mimin ones were fab too!

    1. Sorry I don’t believe they are.

      1. Actually someone posted on an Animal Crossing forum today that their magazine editor wife received a PAL copy.

  9. Lolo.foufour

    That moment when your first name is Loan, and you see it everytime in animal crossing videos about mortgages…

  10. I’ve seen another english caption with a sea bass and the joke is different, wonder if all the mayor program mayors have different captions? or are trying different ones out?

    Great journals as always ;)

  11. hi! First off, I love your videos. And, second, how do you get that 3DS frame for your video? I want to film my town like you do too

    1. Callie the overlay is an image that is placed onto of direct feed video. It’s done in After Effects which is an expensive, somewhat complicated video editing program.

  12. I am OBSESSED with these video journals…. cant wait to play this game!

  13. Hey Josh – I love your video journals, but I have a question for you =]

    If you weren’t part of the early mayor program, would you watch everybody else’s videos on ACNL or would you wait until the game came out to find out what it was like?

    1. I’ll be honest I haven’t watched any other AC videos, except for some of Lin & Kohei’s. Too busy.

  14. hey josh love your videos but one question

    what are you going to do with the japan game?

  15. Dude, I’m sorry but we need to exchange friend codes, like yesterday! When I get ACNL, the first thing I’ll do is send a letter to you about how awesome you are! Also, if I could send a pitfall seed as a gift, I would. Just for Ruby, of course. :) I don’t what’s up her. I’ve had red-eyed bunnies before but she’s just creepy.

  16. Hey Josh. How do you get your IRL hair like that?
    Also, If you plant a perfect fruit, will all the fruits on that tree be perfect when it grows?

  17. I love this Video Journal!!!!!!

  18. Joshy I love your Journal!! I can’t wait to play AC:NL Myself :D!! Hey Josh, Im always impress about the amount of money you make!! In the previous game I was always poor…. would you please suggest us ways of make money in some video? :) It would be awesome!

  19. Hi! I´m from Spain and I am discovering Animal Crossing New Leaf with your Video Journal. This game will go on sale on 16 of June! I´m excited! Please, you don´t stop making videos about the Mayor Joshua! (Sorry, english isn´t my native languaje)
    Good luck! Ana ;D

    1. That’s so cute! :D I hope Josh sees this :3

  20. Hey Josh, I really love these video journals. But quick question do you have to pay t get the boat that brings you to that island or is it already there?

  21. I think Flora’s name might correlate to FLORida…?

  22. I love your video journals. They are what made me buy my own Animal Crossing game :) Keep up the good work.

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