Nintendo’s Sizzling Summer Software!

This Summer, things will really be heating up for Nintendo owners. Both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS have a pretty exciting list of titles that will be making your Summer time fun even more scorching. Personally I live for the hot tropical climate! So it’s always great to see some exciting Summer releases from Nintendo – this year might just be the best Summer in Nintendo’s history! Below you’ll find two Overview Videos that detail sizzling Summer software on both Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

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6 Responses to “Nintendo’s Sizzling Summer Software!”

  1. I’m sooooo excited for all of these games! :) I’d love to know which one you’re most looking forward to playing, Josh?

    And thanks for being so great at what you do! I’ve purchased a fair few games based purely on your opinions. :D x

    1. Pikmin 3 of course! I’ve been waiting a very long time for a new Pikmin title. :)

      Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Thanks for this overview! Man, Nintendo sure is putting out a lot of games this summer. I really can’t wait for New Leaf and Dream Team. Minis on the Move also looks like tons of fun, so I’d like to pick that up later as well. DKCR3D looks quite good as well. I never bought the original, but I played a majority of the game with my cousin on his game and it was pretty fun, so I may get that as well.

  3. I can’t wait for these releases. I have loved my time spent with my Nintendo’s, and look forward to the future hours spent on the systems.

  4. ZimmerRemmiz

    Gragh, my wallet is weeping…

  5. Well, this summer will be really fun with dream team but I think the upcoming christmas will be unforgettable and unbeatable with the new Super Mario 3d, for Wii U <3

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