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This morning I awoke to an intense thunder storm here in Hocotate. I’m a huge fan of storms so I was pretty stroked! I was also pretty soaked! …For some reason a lot of the local villagers were out and about during the storm so I decided to get to know them all a bit better. In fact, Snake moved into town today and someone by the name of Flora will be arriving tomorrow. New resident are just flocking to town! It must be due to my excellent leadership!

Fruit not fish? Come on, they both have worms in them!

In an effort to dry off, I stopped into the local retail shop known as Re-Tail. Reese was pretty helpful so I decided to put a Baby’s Hat up for auction. Why do I have a Baby’s Hat? Mayor Joshua is very cutting edge when it comes to fashion!

Some things are hard to part with…

Later that day I noticed a Perfect Apple had grown on a tree up near the train tracks. After shacking it down I planted it in a nice open area. All this rain better help it grow! Enjoying an Apple is one thing, but a PERFECT Apple! I bet they taste like… perfect!

Time to take a stormy snooze.

Enjoy the Video Journal and Photos I’ve included in this post!

See ya soon,
–A Soggy Mayor Joshua

32 Responses to “Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf | Soggy Neighbors”

  1. Looking good so far.

  2. Salutations Mayor Joshua!
    Let’s have nice little mayor to mayor chat!
    My first subject to discuss is would it be possible to have a special day where you play for 30-45 minutes!(I hope that isn’t to much! 15 would be just as amazing)
    Also, how do you make your money so fast and efficiently?

    Written at Town Hall and sent personally to you by my assistant Isabell.

    Note: if you reply I will mostly likely fan girl scream and pee my pants. ^.^

    1. Heya Mayor Alli,

      As of right now Nintendo has asked that video’s be kept under 10 minutes until the game’s launch. So sorry, can’t go for more than that, but I’ll try to keep new Journals popping up frequently. You can make Bells somewhat quickly by selling Fossils, fishing, bugs, etc. :)


      1. Okay! I think I scared the bajeebers out of my cy when I fan-girl screamed. Haha. Thank you for answering my questions! And can’t wait for the next video journal, I look forward to them! :)
        Hehe ^.*

        1. Cats* oopsie daisy

      2. Josh, just wondering, do you plan to continue these journals even after New Leaf is out in NA and Europe?

  3. Good stuff your bids have got me so pumped for the game !!!!

  4. I love your little rain boots their are great :)

  5. Nice touch using the Nintendo Video theme at the end. Very appropriate.

  6. ZimmerRemmiz

    I’ll start off with telling you that I love your videos quite a bit and have been enjoying watching all of them, now I have a question, have you noticed any grass deterioration like in Animal Crossing City Folk?…

    1. Grass does not die off like in City Folk.

      1. ZimmerRemmiz

        Thank Tortimer, really glad to hear that, and thank you very much for the quick response, it is much appreciated…

  7. How long did you already play ? You’ve git already so many things !

  8. So “Joshua” is it? How come you disabled youtube comments? I mean are you that scared of your fans or do you really not care about them?

    Feel free to answer.

    1. He disabled them because people continually pester him with the same questions over and over, despite the fact that they’re usually always answered in the comment section.

      You can’t really blame Joshy; I’d be frustrated too if people kept asking me the same questions when the answers are right there.

      1. So you’re saying he’s just scared to have to answer questions on the game? I mean if he wants it to stop he could just make an FAQ and add an annotation for it at the beginning of his videos. His solution is rather immature.

        1. I think it is hard to answer a lot of questions and live your life at the same time.
          Anyway, the comments doesn’t matter to much, I think that the video is more important.

        2. So you would rather get peppered by the same kind of questions to your video comments over and over again till your bandwidth runs out of space? You have to know also that people on YouTube don’t listen and don’t care about annotations too. Don’t be judgmental.

  9. I did not need to know about your diaper fetish! And there is no way to end that joke without making myself sound creepy also! Darn you and your traps to make me sound foolish! lol

  10. Loving these videos, you bloggers are so lucky getting it so early! But these are great as they don’t ruin the game.

    Quick question… How did you get the rain boots so quickly? Kicks shoe shop cant be open that quick into the game?

  11. Wait there’s no Grass Wear at all ? That’s what I tought, but I’m so sad. I wanted to create natural path like I did In City Folk. I loved this feature :(

  12. your the best josh I love your videos and saw one of u called how to chat with friends

  13. how did you get the game?(i want it badly)

  14. Can you please think of a cool name i could call my new leaf town maybe something to do with mario and yoshi or anything nintendo

  15. Hehe, nice journal. Quick question though in regard the whole baby gear. Couldn’t you just make your own diaper? I thought this game allowed you to edit the shorts/pants you wear.

    1. No, the game only allows you to customize your top.

  16. Strange Person :3

    Hmmm…. Yep I got it, perfectly made comment: There’s NOTHING I mean NOTHING better than a baby hat yuppie!

  17. Ha Mayor Joshey
    can you tell me you dream code so
    can vist your town

  18. me too my town is named pikmin.

  19. i love thunderstorms

  20. hey josh you really hot

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