Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf | New Beginnings

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This morning I set off on a vacation to a small village known as Hocotate. A cat named Rover took it upon himself to chat with me on the way. Once I arrived I was greeted by several of the locals who were under the impression that I was their new Mayor! I tried to explain that there must be a misunderstanding but they wouldn’t listen! Eventually I gave in and decided it may be for the best. After all “Mayor Joshua” does have a certain ring to it! Who am I to deprive these good animals of such a fine leader?

Isabelle was a bit shocked to hear I have no home…

In all the excitement I failed to realize I have no place to live here in Hocotate. Sleeping under the stars can be fun at times, but it’s not a lifestyle I’m all too interested in adopting. If it started to rain I would become soggy and make squish, splish, sploosh noises when I walk around! Hmmm… that might be fun actually.

The town fruit here are Apples!

Thankfully Tom Nook of Nook’s Homes was nice enough to set me up with a Tent… yeah I guess that sounds a bit humble, but it’s better than nothing.

In honor of my arrival there was even a ceremony in which I planted a small Sapling in the Event Plaza. All of the residents applauded and celebrated loudly! It doesn’t take much to impress the locals I guess? I could get used to that!

Hocotate’s May 2013 Map

I’ve included a Video Journal and even few photographs of my first day here in Hocotate. I’ll even provide a map of town just above!

Until next time,
–Mayor Joshua

25 Responses to “Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf | New Beginnings”

  1. I’m so excited! Thanks for uploading the new leaf video, Joshy!

  2. Can I ask if it’s still 8 letters for the town name? It looks like you got room for 9 or 10!!

    1. It’s 8.

      1. Oh we’ll. Thanks for the footage :)

  3. Thanks Josh! So glad they picked you to do this!

  4. Josh, if you want to get the face of Mayor Joshy (Japanese version of the game) in your town in Mimin, Answer using these:

    Rover: So do you get to go to Hocotate very Often?

    Answer: I’ve Never Been There.

    Rover: What do you plan to do there? (or something similar to that question)

    Answer: That’s a secret!

    Rover: Ah! so you’re moving? (or something similar to that question)

    Answer: You got it!


    And that’s how you get it. :) :D

  5. If Isabelle was a bit shocked to hear you had no home, imagine her suprise when 3mil+ homeless folk start arriving in a month or so… Lol!

  6. Michael Parkin

    Please can you have a competition for your japanese animal crossing new leaf? (Or you can just give it to me ;)) But cant wait for all the new animal crossing videos!!

  7. MDofDarkheart

    Hi Josh,
    I was wondering.
    How many maps did you get to see before deciding on 1 as you town map?
    I’m hoping atleast 3-4 of them.

  8. Hey Josh, I was wondering how you got the game so early even though it comes out on June 9th?

    1. Nintendo has invited me to participate in their Mayor Program for journalists to get a chance to jump into the game early.

      1. I am soooooooooo jealous of you. Thanks so much for making the videos! You are hilarious. xD

      2. josh can only adults do that?

      3. I went to walmart cause I thought it came out

  9. Oh cool! Thanks for the reply :)

  10. How did you get the American version it doesn’t come out yet.

    1. Wait sorry you already answered that question

  11. I would have choose the same map…I think.
    I’d like to see some 3D screenshot to check them on my 3DS. The wait is gonna be long.

    1. In the website is code which you can scan with your 3ds camera and then you get to a website with many 3d pictures you can even save them!

  12. Are you going to make more English videos about new leaf? If yes when are you going to upload the next one ?

  13. I enjoy your videos! :) It definitely makes me want to buy it when it comes out.

  14. Joshua, how do you video tape what you are doing in Animal Crossing New Leaf? Or what is it and how do you use it?

  15. i use my phone,but i give to anyone and i play the 3ds

  16. Hey Josh!Umm…quick question.Who’s your FAVORITE animal in the whole Animal Crossing franchise?

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