Video Journal – Brain Age: Concentration Training

In today’s modern world it’s incredibly easy to become distracted from work or even every day tasks. Brain Age: Concentration Training for the Nintendo 3DS aims to assist you in becoming a more focused person. How does the title obtain such a goal? Through fun addictive challenges starring the floating head of Dr. Kawashima of course! Seeing as how this is a game that encourages players to train every day, I figured it would make a perfect title for a Video Journal series!

[Training: Devilish Calculations & Block Head]

[Training: Devilish Mice & Word Attack]

[Training: Devilish Shapes & By the Numbers]

[Training: Devilish Reading & Devilish Blocks]

[Training: Word Attack Space, Sum Totaled Battle & Germ Buster]

17 Responses to “Video Journal – Brain Age: Concentration Training”

  1. Great gameplay video, this genuinely looks like a fun and relaxing thing to do each day. I hate my poor concentration skills, no thanks to my laptop constantly being next to me when I’m studying.

    1. I found a GLITCH JOSH!=;

  2. Dear GOD, That looks tough!

  3. Getting this game for my birthday. Looks awesome!

    1. *I mean,Good for you. My keybord wasint working.=(

  4. Help! anyone? Pleese help! I have done everything
    but i don’t wnat to wait another day! pleese help!

  5. because i have it i got it today! =]

  6. and it is not my berthday! =}

  7. I won stage 2 in block head! =]

  8. Anyone beat 2-5 in block head?

  9. I found A GLITCH Josh! I have waited 1 day
    but it wont move up a day I CANNOT STAMP
    THE ATTENDCE SHEET.Pleese Help because
    it is a major problem.Pleese Reply Quick anyone!=[

  10. I truly enjoyed this video journal, it was short but good! (I think it’s a good idea how you indicated from the start that it would only be 5 days, so no expectations were crushed :)) And the bean-chucking bit was hilarious by the way.

  11. I like Devilish cups because it is so fun.(=

  12. I Got a easter egg for everyone who logs in!

  13. I want this game for Christmas. I also want Tomadachi Collection New Life and Pilotwings Resort. Tomorrow is my birthday.

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