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Video Journal – Brain Age: Concentration Training

In today’s modern world it’s incredibly easy to become distracted from work or even every day tasks. Brain Age: Concentration Training for the Nintendo 3DS aims to assist you in becoming a more focused person. How does the title obtain such a goal? Through fun addictive challenges starring the floating head of Dr. Kawashima of course! […]

Fire Emblem: Awakening (Introduction Gameplay)

The strategical turn based battles of Fire Emblem: Awakening have finally arrived on the Nintendo 3DS! Check out some moments from the first hour of the game just below! Share this Gameplay footage with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more just below!

Video Review – Fluidity: Spin Cycle

Over the past couple years the Nintendo 3DS eShop has seen it’s share of unique, high quality, addictive software to download. Fluidity: Spin Cycle is definitely no exception. The game presents players with the task of guiding a puddle of water through unique worlds while avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles. Will you want to soak up […]

Puddle (Wii U eShop) Gameplay Videos

Puddle is all about navigating a different type of liquid through hazardous 2D environments. Players will spend their time in a variety of unique locations as they attempt to accomplish many tasks, all of which relate to using a liquid in unique ways. Check out some Gameplay below for a quick look at what you can […]