Video Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf (11/24/12)

Today I cast my cares away and set off to Mimin Island for the very first time. This tropical paradise is loaded with exotic fish, insects and hot Summer weather all year round. I even took some time out to take a dip in the salty sea and dive for some surprising looking critters. I’ll definitely be heading back next Spring with some Mayors from other villages!

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19 Responses to “Video Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf (11/24/12)”

  1. Awesome Josh!

  2. Sigh… I can’t wait until this comes out in Europe… =/
    It looks so fun and relaxing.
    Keep making these journals, Josh! Love it!

  3. Great vid! Do you play this on the XL or original 3ds? Just curious which would be better.

  4. I’m waiting for the next video journal

  5. Josh- I advertised your AC journals on :D People like your journals and are subscribing. :)

    1. Awesome, thanks. :)

  6. Love these video journals Josh! Just heard that the Animal Crossing New Leaf European date is sometime in the second quarter of 2013. It may be really vague, but at least we have some idea now. :)

  7. Josh,would you say that the Joshy that lives in Mimin is the same person as the Joshy that lives in Hocotate? But like,moved away a few years later (Explaining difference in age)?

  8. Any chance of a new video today? Also, Merry Christmas :)

  9. Hey, Josh, you still play Mario Kart Wii and Mario Sports Mix? I play those games myself, and, if I must say, I’m pretty good at them. I’d thought I’d give you my friend codes so maybe we could play each other sometime. Here they are:
    Mario Kart Wii: 3525-2874-8585
    Mario Sports Mix:1120-1069-9515
    Hope to see you online!

  10. I know what song he was singing it was pantsu negumon

  11. I know what song he was singing it was pantsu negumon

  12. Should people be mildly worried that you haven’t updated the Bitblock website in over a month now?.

    1. its because hes probably too busy working on Nintendo Force magazine at the moment :/

  13. ah I always look forward to you Journal videos :D
    By the way, I think you should make an announcement video about Nintendo Force. (I know you are helping make that magazine too) I’m sure not everybody knows about it yet.

  14. I can’t believe you pushed the ugly duckling down that hole in the December 24th Video Journal. That was HILARIOUS! xD

  15. thanks giving pro

    0I went to mimin Via Dream!

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