Video Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf (11/22/12)

It’s always exciting to celebrate a Holiday in the village! Today we’re checking out the Harvest Festival here in Mimin. Franklin the Turkey has even stopped by to cook up some delicious chow. I didn’t know he was such a good chef… but he’s wearing the hat so it must be true! Each dish requires 3 ingredients, and it’s up to Mayor Joshy to ensure everything is cooked just right… hmm, maybe the local animals should help me out…

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10 Responses to “Video Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf (11/22/12)”

  1. I celebrated Harvest Festival in City Folk! I like how it goes in New Leaf! At least we actually get to eat something this year! :P They kept the Harvest Festival music! Josh,when is the Festival where we shout and play,and yell Pave! (I saw you do it in your old City Folk Journal)

  2. Oh and when will Wii U coverage start?

  3. Does anyone want to add me on the 3ds? :-)

    FC: 4811-7107-4936

    Name: Joshua

      1. thanks giving pro

        I`d Love To!

        1. thanks giving pro

          I added you! You Happy?

  4. Loved it! Stay awesome Josh!

  5. This is the first one i ever saw so cherish this video josh me and you should play together and I know you hear that 24 7 but we should still do it

  6. That’s the date of my birth!

  7. thanks giving pro

    If you wanted to do a dream diary in my town the code is 4400-3954-0981

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