Video Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf (11/14/12)

Today was all about checking up on some of Mimin’s newest additions. Not only was my first Community Project completely built, but the Garden Shop was also having it’s grand opening in the Shopping Center. Add to that a new resident who just moved in and you’ve got a journal entry filled with fun! Now if only that new resident didn’t look so horrendous…

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6 Responses to “Video Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf (11/14/12)”

  1. Lol you got a good, and a bad neighbor, Do the cancel each other out? :P Also, I didn’t know you were a vegetarian :o

  2. Josh, One Question:
    Besides the Flower Garden looking really nice and pretty (And it’s O’ so Pretty). Does it actually have any particular purpose or attributes?. Such as Flowers being able to Breed Faster whilst planted there. Or Flowers never dying within its boundaries. Or does it merely exist to please your need for a more beautiful town?

  3. One Question for you Mr.Joshie. Could we trade friend code for the 3DS? My friend code is 0516-7363-8696. So if you have a time, can you tipe my friend code in please? I already got your friend code in. So please tipe my friend code on your Friend Rooster please. Thank you very much!

    1. Narishma Pisavadia

      do you wanna trade friend codes with me?????

  4. Narishma Pisavadia

    Make me your friend on the 3DS my friendcode is 3282-1796-2179 what is yours? ADD ME!!!!!!!

  5. BaileySummersOnMSP

    hey, I love your videos about what you do in New Leaf in Animal Crossing! ♡

    Anyway I was just wondering, what do you use to record all of those videos? Whenever I record something on my DS, everything just turns out all blurry :(

    Much thanks ! ♡


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