Video Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf (11/08/12)

What did I do today? Oh nothing, just moved into a new town and took a highly prestigious job as Mayor! Truth be told I’m not exactly the smartest or most qualified man for the job but someone has to do it. My life here in Mimin is off to a so-so start. I’m living in a tent (thanks Tom Nook) and have been ruthlessly attacked by Bees! I have however taken a shine to a few of the local residents and there’s plenty of Oranges to eat here so it could be worse!

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8 Responses to “Video Journal – Animal Crossing: New Leaf (11/08/12)”

  1. Thanks for the video Josh, I love your site! Really looking forward to this game : ]

  2. Are you sure you were sad about that she was saying? You did just arrive in town on a small train. You could have just been eager to find a bathroom, and I’m not sure your tent is going to help you with that.

  3. When New Leaf comes out in the US Are you going to get a new game in English so you can read it? Or is there going to be a way for you to change the language? Can’t wait for the game to be out!

    1. When it launches in America i’ll switch over to that game.

      1. Your probably not going to be playing Too much until then, are you :/

  4. I have animal c for gamecube

  5. dose this game have online play?

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