Video Review – Professor Layton & the Miracle Mask

Everyone’s favorite puzzle solving Professor makes his 3DS debut in Professor Layton & the Miracle Mask. Complete with hundreds of puzzles, totally revamped visuals, fully animated cutscenes and more! Is the game any good? Let’s solve that mystery just below…

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5 Responses to “Video Review – Professor Layton & the Miracle Mask”

  1. Nice review! I look forward to playing this game. I def like the 3d look of it now compared to the past games. Good series.

  2. Hey Josh, good job with this review. I like the steam effect fading in and out from a technical perspective but you also wrap things up pretty nicely about the game. If I wasn’t still stuck in the very first Layton game I would definitely think about getting this part.

    Looking forward to watching some of your WiiU coverage, soon. Keep up the good work, dude! (My favourite tours are still the Super Paper Mario (Wii) and the Dewys 10 reasons videos, definitely like that kind of touch to your work)

  3. This is not a Nintendo game. It was developed by Level-5. It was even published by Level-5 in Japan.

    1. Nintendo owns the rights to the series.

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