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New Club Nintendo Reward – Bonsai Barber

The other day Club Nintendo updated with a new digital reward. Bonsai Barber is now available for a mere 150 Coins to North American members. Got some spare gold and an urge to cut, color and style foliage? Well then, you’re in luck! Check out our Video Preview of the Wii Ware title just below. […]

Looking Back on Wii – Okami (First Impressions)

It seems that every generation of game console leaves behind way too many games that suffer a fate of being totally underrated. Having never introduced myself to the world of Okami I felt that now is a better time than any. Join us for a first look at the¬†classic game! Share this First Look with […]

Miami Nintendo Press Event – Off-screen WiiU Gameplay

Click to check out our Wii U Gameplay Footage!

Nintendo recently held an event in Miami to give press some hands on time with Wii U. Both first party and third party titles were on display, and after a couple hours of digging into several games we’ve accumulated a good stash of off-screen footage! Everything from Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman […]

The Pipeline – Nintendo News for July 15, 2012

It’s always a good week in Nintendo news when we’ve got updates for some of the biggest game franchises! This week we’re checking out scans for Animal Crossing 3DS, a new trailer for New Super Mario Bros. 2, screenshots for Castlevania and more! Hit up the links below for more details on all of this […]

Video Overview – Bomb Monkey (3DS eShop)

If there’s one thing science has taught us it’s that Monkeys + Bombs = FUN! Thankfully Bomb Monkey combines both of those concepts into one solid, addictive puzzle game. Stop monkeying around and check out TheBitBlock’s explosive Video Overview to learn more! Share this video feature with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and more just […]

The Pipeline – Adventure Time, Pokemon & MORE!

What time is it? Time for Nintendo news! This week we’ve got the first Screenshots for Adventure Time on the Nintendo 3DS, Updates on Shin’en titles coming to WiiU and 3DS, Release dates for Pokemon Black & White 2 and more! New Artwork & Screenshots for New Art Academy. Nintendo opens up Photo Showcase website. […]