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The Pipeline – Nintendo Direct Post E3 News

It’s no surprise that three Nintendo Direct streams means tons of Nintendo news! The 3DS goes XL, New Japanese footage for Animal Crossing 3DS, Kirby’s 20th Birthday is coming up, Professor Layton is finally leaving Japan and more! Nintendo 3DS XL announced for August 19th release. New Super Mario Bros. 2 JP Website & new […]

Mario Tennis Open – Basic Gameplay Overview

Mario Tennis Open doesn’t exactly re-invent the wheel when it comes to an arcade style tennis experience, however there are still some unique new features. This overview of the title’s Gameplay will introduce you to all the basics and get you ready to hit up the courts! Share this video feature with your friends on […]

The Pipeline – Pokemon, ZombiU, Netflix WiiU & More!

The rumblings of E3 have calmed down, but news for WiiU and Nintendo 3DS keeps flowing in. This week we check out Pokemon Black & White 2 trailers, Direct feed gameplay for ZombiU, A look at Netflix on WiiU and more! Hit up the links below to learn more about all the topics highlighted in this […]

Mario Tennis Open – Customization Features Overview

Mario isn’t the only one who wants in on some tennis action, your Mii is ready to hit the courts as well! Before you’re ready to take on your opponents it’s a good idea to hit up the Club House and try on some of the Tennis Gear to improve your game. In this overview […]

The Pipeline – Pikmin 2, E3, Rabbids Rumble & More!

The Pipeline returns with loads of pre-E3 Nintendo news from this past week. We’ve got a first look at Rabbids Rumble, Information on a new 3DS stylus patent, Release information for Mutant Mudds in Europe and more! Hit up the links below to learn more about all the topics highlighted in this week’s show. Pikmin […]

THE FOLD – Mario Party 9 (Mini Game Madness!)

It’s time to party in the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario and friends! Obviously a staple to any Mario Party title are the many minigames, so in tonight’s show we’re diving into one right after the other. Can you handle the mega amount of minis?! Share this episode with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and more […]