Video Review – Pushmo (3DS eShop)

Nintendo has an all new IP coming to the 3DS eShop! Pushmo is a Platforming Puzzle title based on pushing and pulling sections of block structures to reach an end goal. For a mere 700 Pts. the game offers 250 puzzles and the ability to create your own. Check out TheBitBlock’s full video review just below! Please note that this review was produced before the English title was announced.

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    ps: now do i get super powers?

  2. Super powers now?

    1. You’ve had them all along. ;)


  3. Great video review Josh! This game looks fun! I just hope it comes to North America.

  4. Go mr. Destructoid!

    Seems like a fun game, but what if they change the sumo-thong when released outside of Japan? :’o It wouldn’t be the same!

    1. Hehehe why would anyone in their right mind get rid of the sumo thong ??

  5. hey josh, what’s klu-klu land? I know a lot about 8-bit games but I’ve never heard of it….

  6. Hey Josh, linked your review! :D Hope this means TBB will get more popular!

  7. Does this game come out in Europe

  8. In regards to a NA or European release, we don’t know anything just yet – but i wouldn’t be too worried. The game popped up out of nowhere and was quickly released on the JP eShop, so I’m sure the same could happen around the world.

    It’s a rather easy title to translate and could totally appeal to a worldwide audience. I trust NOA and NOE won’t pass up bringing it over here. When we hear anything about it’s release I’ll be sure to let you all know. :)

  9. Awesome review Josh do you know if this game is going to be released on the eshop in the uk ???

    1. Don’t listen to this comment I didnt read the comment above sorry :/

      1. Heh, no worries. :P

  10. Oh yeah i know this has nothing to do with push and pull but are you going to do a video review of skyward sword when it comes out? Sorry about all the comments . And thanks for making such awesome videos

  11. I agree, people connect video games with manhood too much. Just cause I don’t marvel over fps’s doesn’t meen I’m a child or a girl.

  12. I now have the power to recognize a pretty awesome e-shop game :)

  13. hey Josh you misspelled ability and put abaility on description above the video

  14. It’s funny that you said it’s a new classic NES game, because in the back of my head I was thinking that this would make an awesome stage in the new Smash Bros., or better yet, he would be an awesome assist trophy who would pull out the stage thus creating a stage within a stage. LoL

  15. Why was comments disabled for the youtube video?

  16. hey Josh, did you saw that ZeldaInformer published your review in an article there?


    1. forgot to say, Great review (as always)

    2. also forgot to say, I really love this review format

  17. Nice Zelda background for your website!

  18. i know this is a wierd request but can you do more animal crossing journals?

  19. Thanks for the fair & honest review Josh. I don’t even own a 3DS yet but I have this game on my list for what I will download when I eventually get one. It looks so cute as well as interesting & I’m glad you mentioned thats its not just for kids too, sometimes I see a game & want to play it but avoid doing so as I think its for kids & people will laugh! BUT I think if Josh Thomas plays something then I’m pretty cool to be playing it too ;) Thanks again :)

  20. Josh I Am A very Big Fan Of you I subscribed for your channel on youtube and i open your channel every hour to see your videos

    1. Maybe you like him a little to much?.

      1. I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!

  21. Josh i’ve watched almost every show that you made and I think you should check out Skylanders Spyro’s Adventures for wii. This is the website I think you might like it.

  22. Heck yea we are getting this in England yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayaayayayayay………yay…….y……ay…..yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayaayayayayay………..YAY!

    1. Is that news official?

      1. Yep i read it on the official Nintendo magazine website :D

      2. It will be on the eshop sometime in december

  23. [...] Video Review – Pushmo (3DS eShop) [...]

  24. awesome game, maybe i’ll try it one day :)

  25. [...] Video Review – Pushmo (3DS eShop) [...]

  26. You should add to the description how you can share levels via QR codes. I don’t think you mentioned that or maybe it wasn’t available when you played it.

    It’s shown in the trailer for Pushmo.

  27. Hey Josh you should add comments to your vid or something this game is available now in North America and it seems you can actually share your creations via QR Codes.

  28. Just downloaded this game and I am literally stuck to my 3ds now lol :)

  29. Also out in Europe!

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