3DS AR Card Demos (Target, Fishing, Graffiti)

The AR Cards (Augmented Reality Cards) packed in with every Nintendo 3DS system, are the most fun you’ll ever have with a piece of paper. Simply place an AR Card on any flat surface and watch the fun sprout out from the card! It’s a very surreal moment when you see your desk turned into a fishing pond, or perhaps a dragon burst out from underneath! Check out the video demos below to get a better idea of how Fishing, Graffiti and Target Shooting work!



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22 Responses to “3DS AR Card Demos (Target, Fishing, Graffiti)”

  1. Oh wow Impressive.

  2. :D Gotta love those effects. Josh, you’re desk is all over the place!

  3. Oh wow! I have my black 3DS pre-ordered so I can’t wait to try this out! :D SO pumped for Ace Attorney Investigations 2, you have no idea, omg <3 *fangirl squeal*

  4. How’s the 3d? Is it as amazing as the 3ds trailer where Reggie gets flamed by Bowser?

  5. The life of a gamer

    If you see actual footage of the game play at the bottom it says something about it not having the tech yet to see the footage in 3D but notice… it said yet!
    Anyway this is awesome I can’t afford a 3DS also my mom thinks we have too many systems already so yeah :( but hopefully one of my friends i hang out with will have and mabye let me play!

    1. YouTube supports 3d video, but capturing the 3d video off the 3ds screen probably requires a press unit, which has a direct video out. (I dunno if the press unit supports it either, for that matter.)

    2. Well, do some chores or something and work up the money for it. If it’s your money, she can’t stop you, right?

  6. The Target Shooting is cool!

  7. wow this is absolutely incredible… nice work with the videos! and btw is it possible for you to do a video showcasing the interface? i havent seen a site yet that shows all the menus exc…

  8. NintendoLover

    Awesome… just great.

  9. Why does it feel like Google and Japan own the world and everything cool?

  10. Nintendorocks

    Im so anxious to get the aqua blue nintendo 3ds, and only 17 days to go! Those were awesome effects by the way! :D

    1. i got a red 3ds last Christmas

  11. 3Ds crisis!
    What color 3Ds should I get!?
    Blue seems kind of girly and black is boring! Help!

    1. do you like red?they sell red ones

  12. Only 6 more days!!!!! :D

  13. Now only 4 more days!!!

  14. 2 more…:D

  15. How do I unlock Grafitti?

    1. i think you have to beat AR shot.

  16. how did you cheat?

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