REVIEW – Snowpack Park (Wii Ware)

Let’s face it, nothing beats frolicking in the snow with a ton of Penguins. Luckily Skip’s latest Wii Ware title is full of penguins and only costs 800 Nintendo Pts! Our Video Review is just below, but be warned you might need to bundle up and bring some cocoa to stay warm.

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9 Responses to “REVIEW – Snowpack Park (Wii Ware)”

  1. Like I said, good review. :D Thanks for posting the points, and I’m definitely becoming attracted to OrBIT. ;)

  2. Christian Renners

    Game, meh
    OrBit, AWESOME

  3. Orbit is a nice addition to the site

  4. josh, this review felt strangely a little uncompleted (compared to the rest of your reviews), maybe It’s because it’s a wiiware game, cause I can’t find any other reason for it to be like that.
    also I don’t really like that OrBit pops up in the middle of the review and says “like us on facebook”, don’t understand me wrong, OrBit is cool, I just think pop-ups are really annoying.

  5. What should i buy? This, LIT or Hydroventure (Fluidity)?

  6. thats like a little fun but i think my game i made battlefield1943 is kind a little more better

  7. what game do you hate

  8. It’s a great game!
    I have 79 penguins so far, and have been playing for only 5 hrs, 57 minutes.,,

    Hey, how do we get coats?

  9. How does it become multiplayer????

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