Video Review – FlingSmash

This month Nintendo has launched the new Wii Remote Plus controller alongside FlingSmash. The game stars the adorable Zip and Pip who want nothing more than to be smashed into point blocks. FlingSmash is an arcade style experience that relies on the idea of replaying levels many times to try and beat your previous scores. You can even ask a buddy to join in and fling around with you. Is the title a smashing good time or will you simply be smashing your face against a wall?

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12 Responses to “Video Review – FlingSmash”

  1. Can you die in this game? Like jump off the screen and then you have to restart the level?

    1. You have lives, so when you run out it’s game over and you have to restart the level. They’re pretty meaningless though. Then again all game’s that give you lives these days are meaningless because none make you restart the whole game over again.

      1. Wow, thanks for the quick answer :D

      2. Actually Sonic Colours makes you start over lol

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  3. Awesome review Josh! :D Haha, I’m glad you’ve been putting that greenscreen to use once again, since reviews have replaced tours.

    There was kind of an awkward pause when you were explaining the controls and how you shouldn’t have too many problems with them. Maybe it’s just me.

    Anyways, good review, and thanks for the absolutely EPIC sauce coverage you’ve given us! :D

  4. Nice to see you doing more reviews. About the game, it’s looks nice, especially the visuals. They’re very similar to Rocket Knight on PSN, Live and Steam, which is good.

  5. Thanks Josh! Because of the review I’m going to get this game soon, it looks really cool and seems like something me and my friends would like :D

  6. Hey Josh I’ve been a fan of yours for quite sometime now and I do think that your website is very professional apart from the fact that you are sitting on a chair when you do previews. I’d zoom in closer so that your body from waist down is not visible. I think it would make more sense since you are demonstrating with your upper body!Btw you are very cute as well:)Greetings from Greece!!

    1. but then, how will people see his awesome shoes?

      1. SuperDuperMarioRainbowFactory

        agreed… the only reason anyone watchs the bitblock is because of his shoes…


  7. you should more reviews

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