Mario Sports Mix – JP Website Update (Final Fantasy characters confirmed and more!)

Despite common sense it seems Nintendo and Square Enix and beefing up their character selection in Mario Sports Mix with Final Fantasy characters. This morning the official Japanese website has updated with loads of new gameplay videos and introductions to 5 FF characters that will be added to the roster. It also seems the Dragon Quest Franchise is displayed in the copyright on the website as well. Is it me or has Mario gone from starring to supporting role in what should be his own game?

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36 Responses to “Mario Sports Mix – JP Website Update (Final Fantasy characters confirmed and more!)”

  1. Hmm, I know you don’t like S-E and all [especially FF - which I, personally, feel has been going on a downwards slope since XI], but I think you’re overreacting abit.

    Mario shoehorned in his own party game? Really?

    It’s not like these and the DQ guys will not be unlockables or anything [tho, from this trailer, only BlackMage and Mog look good in contrast to the bland, unneeded White and Red Mages]. And hey, since the playable Mario cast never changes from party game to party game, well it needs some extra spice from somewhere…

  2. I agree with Chosenoneknuckes above. Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis…there’s only Mario and his gang. I think it’s a preety nice idea bringing some new guys as well…

    Besides, extra characters never hurt anyone. You can always not choose them.

    1. They’re taking up space that could be used for Mario themed characters and stages. There’s no shortage of cool unused Mario content and ideas. The Mario Galaxy series alone has tons of characters that would be awesome to play as.

      1. Point taken. But why “take up space”? Why not have both new Nintendo characters and some extras? My question is a little rhetorical of course, I know there’s little we can do about it…

        All in all, let’s just wait a bit more and not give up hope. After all, that’s Nintendo we’re talking about! :-)

        1. I”m just glad they have Toad there… I love the little guy.

  3. Christian Renners

    More Mii Gameplay !

    I love playing as my Mii !
    Mii Power Moves looks nice too :)

  4. WTF? Is there any reason for FF and DQ characters in a Mario game? It just makes no sense that Nintendo would do something like this.

    1. Why not? Square Enix is the developer of Mario Sports Mix, and they did this exact same thing with Mario Hoops 3 on 3. I don’t see why everyone suddenly has a problem with this. Nobody got mad when these characters were put in Mario Hoops. Square Enix has been putting their stuff in every Mario game they’ve worked on. It makes perfect sense to me.

  5. this makes me think that there will be a new FF game for the wii in the style of FF1, that would be really awesome, I dont really care them being in the game, the game will still be awesome

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  7. I don’t really get it…..what does FF have to do with it? Is square Enix even INVOLVED with making the game? The world clearly doesn’t make sense anymore.

    1. Square Enix is the developer for this game.
      Also: Are you the same Teengamer that I always see on 2P START!?

      1. oh, so OF COURSE they just HAD to add their characters, just like the rabbids in that TMNT game for Ubisoft. :P

        Yep. :D That (was) my favorite webcomic (as well as BrawlintheFamily). I’ve been a fan for a while, and I love their podcasts. I didn’t realize anyone would recognize me from their (my comments aren’t usually that noticable). You a fan too?

        1. Yeah I love 2P START!, it was my favorite webcomic, my favorite podcast (my favorite blog updates and videos and tweets and blah blah blah) And I also like Brawl in the Family. I actually recognized you from your avatar, and I thought “Oh! So I’m not the only fan of both of these sites”.

          Back on topic, Square Enix puts their stuff in every Mario game they work on, I don’t have a problem with it.

          1. Yeah, it is pretty nice to recognize people on more than one site. I’d have to agree with all those faves as well ^^ Ray’s tweets and rants on Sonic games are quite entertaining (love his music too) Nice meeting ya!

            And thank you, UniqueLegend is quite the DeviantARTist, and with their permission I got to use it as an avatar.

            (Back to subject) Well, I suppose I wasn’t really interested in this game anyway, so it whining over FF characters isn’t going to matter in the long run. :P Oh well.

    2. They wanted a selling point for their game. Mario Sports Mix may have sold itself, but point is – Mario games from 3rd party-ers are getting a tad stale (Mario Party 8 ain’t got nothing on its predecessors) and consumers are aware of it.
      Adding SquareEnix characters would attract the crowds that never touch these games (there’s a huge market that’s hardly touched on the Wii: SquareEnix fans).

      1. It’s MARIO – that is a huge selling point. Also MP8 is actually one of the top selling Wii titles.

        Square Enix and FF fans will not touch this game. They’re happy to see the characters in the game, but come release they won’t pick it up. I have no doubt in my mind people are buying this game for the Mario appeal, not because a cactus man appears in it. Featuring only 12 characters, this makes Sports Mix ironically enough the smallest Mario Sports title.

        1. Man, I was ready to defend Square Enix to the death until I read this. 12 characters!? Seriously!?!?

        2. 12 only? Seriously?
          Well I have no idea at this point.
          Squareenix fans would account for some sales (FF characters in games always make a small sum of them purchase games, but unless it’s amazing, it won’t encourage the rest) , but I highly doubt 12 characters would encourage buyers from any side of the market.

          Heck, they could have at least put some Nintendo-based Square characters in there! Super Mario RPG characters or My Life as a King/Darklord characters would have been nice.

          1. Also: this game looks so cheap! I’m already bitter about how cheap Mario Baseball Wii and Mario Hoops were, and it looks like nothing will be fixed here! Notice in the first clip how when Mario does a super slam dunk and no matter how much Bowser attacks him, he isn’t stopped! Every clip in this video has them advertising frustrating things happening like “Isn’t this awesome?” NO!

            So basically the only thing I’ve seen that I LIKE is the Square Enix characters. Everything else looks awful.

          2. He’s the Hero. Bowser’s the villain. Bowser’s supposed to get PWNED! in all the trailers. ‘Tis the way of… something.

          3. Wait, forget that.. I see what you mean now.

        3. But Josh some people r fans of both like me. Honestly i thought since there are 4 sports each sport won’t be focused on as much and it won’t be as good as other mario sport games. But now that Final Fantasy characters and supposingly a dragon quest character are in there, it’s triple good. BTW i recently got Mario Hoops 3 on 3, great game. I will play it 4 hours then get Mario Sports Mix. Plus online play in mario sports mix, awesome! Just think of it like mario and sonic at the olympic winter games but with ff, dq characters, and even miis. square enix characters all the way!

  8. Dude I just found this on cool!

  9. I’m still really liking how this game is turning out, and I can’t wait to play it on Wi-Fi with some friends.

    I could care less about the FF characters, since chances are, I’ll be sticking with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, or the Mii anyways. Still gonna be a nice addition for anyone who likes Final Fantasy though.

  10. It would have at least been nice if they renamed the game or changed up the theme completely.
    Calling it MARIO Sports Mix and adding FF characters seems odd… add in some SEGA and Konami characters, and it just might be less awkward.

  11. This game will be worth especially because the online option. It’ll be the new Mario Kart Wii.

  12. I never played super mario rpg but i strangely kinda wanted Geno and Mallow in this game because gameplay videos of them looked cool. Geno is cooler though. I might buy it from wii shop channel.

  13. Lets all hope they didn’t make them stronger then the Mario characters like last time…
    lets have equal grounds and no freakin cheaters…

    (Wow i sound like waluigi…)
    but I’m serious.

  14. It would be cool if they had KH characters in that game,like Sora,Riku and Kaiari.

  15. I like Miis,play some more 4P. games with Miis,pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse?

  16. do it on Sat. & Sun.,O.K.?

  17. 1 more thing,Josh,I know nick plays with U,but who
    else plays with you?

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