Video Tour – Red Steel 2 (Boss Battle)

One of the most surprising things about Red Steel 2 is just how intense a Boss Battle can get. These foes really want you dead and it shows in their animations and fast paced attacks. It’s also cool that you must learn how a Boss is fighting you in order to get the best of him and take him down with the right counter attacks. For a full look at what it’s like going up against the first boss in the game hit up the Video Tour below!

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  1. Woo Hoo! More Red Steel 2 coverage! :D Thanks Josh, and good job with the tours. What can we expect in the near future?

  2. you’ve done so many brilliantvideo tours and this is a great one so far, keep it up!

    i’m curious, how many games have you actually got?

  3. Flame Girl Mel

    I remember that shirt from somewhere

    1. Flame Girl Mel


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  5. hey josh, you’re awesome !
    you’re an excelent video tour host !
    amazing !
    hey, if you have left 4 dead 1 or 2 we could play some time :)
    Again good job

  6. I like the Wii! Or do I?

  7. And Also. I bought Red Steel 2, 2 days ago. I found Payne rather easy. But that was only because I upgraded my sword to damage level 2 or 3, but he killed me on the first try anyway. Keep making these great videos!

  8. mariogamer204

    Paynes easy!

  9. Hey Josh, you keep talking about replaying certain area’s, but what doe you mean by that? Can you go back and take on bosses whenever you want or do you just start at the beginning again once you’ve beaten the game?

    1. The game has something called Challenge Mode which let’s you replay Chapters to try and get high scores. In other words medals are rewarded for certain amounts of cash earned. This mode is handy because you can replay through your favorite parts of the game without having to replay the full game.

  10. Hey Josh who makes the animations in the beginning of ur videos also wat program do they use

  11. i died one time on payne without any upgrades =)
    But is there an e-mail or something we could PM WiiFolder?

  12. WiiFolder Fan

    OMG you look so damn happy while you play red steel 2 Josh xD

  13. Matthew Renners

    Finished the game last week, really loved it. :D

  14. Hey josh do you know any codes for the red steel 2 on extra in the menu ?

  15. Flame Girl Mel

    I dont know what influence you have on me you are the one who convinced me to BUY A WII and now all the tours especially red steel 2 i want that game.


    ROFL at the ending cutscene

  17. Flame Girl Mel

    which game should i get new super mario bros wii or red steel 2

  18. is the pistol unlimited ammo?

    1. nope limited ammo on all guns

  19. He was waaaay to easy… I almost didn’t notice him. xD But he’s maybe more of a challange on hard/ninja. :)

  20. that game is eazy i completed it in 2 days

  21. for the red steel 2 videos in the begining when the two people it looks like you and nick are those two people

  22. Just bought this game, it’s amazing!

    Btw, you said you have put a lot of hours into the game already. But how can you see for how many hours you’ve played the game? I cant find it anywhere in the game and Red Steel 2 doesnt show up on the Nintendo Channel either… ??

    1. You can see on the wii message board

      1. Yea that’s true. But I’d like to see for how long I’ve played the game in total, without going through every day to see how long I’ve played it.

        But I’ll have to do some mathmetics then I guess.

  23. never died on this boss u 6 times lol
    ur a good represant for wiifolder though

  24. just got it yesterday, and I’ve made it 2 my 1st battle with Payne

  25. wow hes tough

  26. died twice, but beat him with NO UPGRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Hey i know you are not really a Pokemon fan but can you do more pokemon videos?

    Great Vid as always :)

  28. im at the chase i know how to beat payne easily

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