The Fold – Wii Sports Resort Airplane Battle

Ah, the Airplane game is one of my absolute favorites! It’s relaxing, adventurous and exciting all at the same time. In this episode of The Fold myself & Nick duke it out in the VS. mode which has you popping each other’s balloons.

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  1. Haha. Great episode.

  2. Looks like fun can’t wait. Too bad no online play.

  3. Josh always says that he won if he loses, love you Nick! xxx.

  4. George Babilonia

    great episode

    can’t wait till see more

  5. That’s what it reminded me of. Star Fox!

  6. I had no idea that was in WSR! That was beyond awesome!

    Thanks for the vid! Awesome as ever, Josh.

  7. “Josh has hacked his Wii so he wins all the time.” That got me laughing. Man, Nick has either been off his game, or Josh just got better.

  8. Very nice, keep up the great work Josh!

  9. Lol, would’ve been complete humiliation if Nick didn’t get that last bonus at the end. Haha

  10. pwnageperson32

    lol Nick is a sore loser

  11. Hooray Josh! You won again. You got alot more skill over the year. Too bad they are not making a Starfox for Wii. It would be awesome if they did.

  12. Nick=sore loser.

  13. WOOHOO! awesome, the first time I saw there was an airplane mode I thought to myself ‘you know, all this needs is a little dogfighting’ but I was more thinking along the lines of.. well.. you and a pair of computer controlled planes just blasting the ever living crap out of eachother, this is still pretty neat though^^ I can’t wait till I can get my hands on this, and that’s pretty weird, since it’s a wii sports gameXD this game’s definitely better than the first wii sports

  14. you can tell josh is a sore loser because he made up oppisite day and his wii somehow turned off when he lost.

  15. Josh?
    But he won? Dont bad talk Josh, he will find you :p

  16. lol Nick lost…. again. But he gets his revenge next time.:p

  17. you guys are awesome for being awesome.

  18. this game is too cool cant wait to get it!

  19. this is too cool all this needs is online then its perfect. cant wait to get it

  20. omg nice at 3:00 thats the tunnel you jog through in the island lap of wii fit jogging :D

    actually come to think of it you jog around this entire island. i like how nintendo linked the 2 games together. :)

  21. HEY JOSH! What things can u do that includs WiiConnect 24?

  22. Hmm, in my opinion it should be a little more intense. Maybe by making the stage smaller, increasing the speed of the planes or some other method? It’s great nonetheless!

    1. by the way, little bit of trivia as to why the stage isn’t small; it’s the whole of wuhu island! which is the same island as the one you jog around in wii fit.

  23. 5:25

    What about Marble Saga Kororinpa?

  24. Leo Courtemanche

    0:28 when Nick is hitting the A button and 0:30 are both really funny parts of the video! LOL

    1. More what I’m saying is, Nick is really funny in this video!

  25. wow josh, god really helped you.

  26. fearlessman765

    the gods of yahoo island helped ur mii and the battle of epicness

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