Wii Tour – Marble Saga Kororinpa

Here’s some great news for everybody, WiiFolder content is now back to Youtube! After about 2 years you can now once again find all of the latest Wii Tours at this new Youtube account for the site! PLEASE be sure to subscribe, lots of great coverage on the way!

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  1. finaly a new video!

  2. Back to YouTube again, nice!
    YouTube has high quality too, without lag.

    I’ll be sure to subscribe.

  3. Great! Now that YouTube’s got HD capability, I knew you’d be coming back sooner or later.

  4. What is your Youtube Account name?

  5. I like how you keep adding stuff to your background in your living room.

    Great tour Josh! I was pretty surprised to see how much they improved Marble Mania since the last game.

    So are you going to continue to update MammaMia19? Or are you going to stick with WiifolderJosh? Either is fine with me; I subscribed to both!

    We really appreciate your tours Josh, so thanks a lot!

    -TG- (AKA – JKRgamer on Youtube)

  6. Great tour. The first one was really fun to me. The Wiimote worked so great and it seems like the same here.

    Remember Europe! It’s called Marbles! Balance Challenge here (dropped the Kororinpa name :( )

  7. Great Game! Does this include the candy ball and the car crunch ball like the others?

  8. Yours Truly, Simon

    Yes, YouTube! :D
    Now, I can watch WiiFolder-tours on my mobile on-the-go! :P

  9. is 1 day

  10. Yeah, I never understood why you guys left Youtube. I discovered your videos there, and it seemed like a great place to grow an audience. But it’s probably a good thing y`all decided to go back, as the system now allows for much better video quality than before.

  11. I do not own this game…YET…but i think this was a great review. If the game is that accurate with the motion,I wonder what the gameplay would be like with the wii motion plus. Good review…9.5/10

  12. Very good tour of this game. I haven’t gotten either game yet. I’m debating whether or not to get it in the next couple weeks. If I don’t get it then, I’ll still get it eventually, because it looks like a great game.

  13. Hudson is good at making games.

  14. Where do they sell this game?

  15. where did you get the posters from and how did you get your screen as a backround thing?

  16. Why is this video frackin Private?!?!?!?

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