Screenshots – Mario Super Sluggers

This morning I got my hands on the import copy of Mario Super Sluggers. I’ve literally been playing it since 8 in the morning! Sadly Revver has been doing their usual moronic upgrades for the past like month so I haven’t been able to get videos up yet. Don’t worry I’ll have a Stadium Tour up tomorrow afternoon. For now check out this massive collection of screenshots I took!


Click on a thumbnail to view!

13 Responses to “Screenshots – Mario Super Sluggers”

  1. Nice shots, Josh.

    I actually got the game too but I can’t figure out for the life of me how to unlock King K. Rool and Funky. Ah well. Guess I just gotta keep playing.

  2. This game looks awesome! The loading screen looks epic by the way. XD

  3. Awesome screenshots \o

    man i have this game

    in yoshi park area…the blue yoshi

    you know the password?


    if you now pls tell me i really want to know

    thx =]

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  5. wiifolderfan21

    i heard that you can play as an independant Lakitu. Is this true?

  6. YoursTrulySimon

    Awesome Josh. The game looks awesome. And I bet that you’re going to make some awesome tours. How many tours are you going to show us?

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  8. LOL, I like the last one where it shows Wario’s behind during the Now Loading.
    WARIO FTW~! \:D/

    // Roth

  9. Awsome pics now i cant wait to get this game!

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