Journal – Disney Magical World | Daisy’s Fashion


In this morning’s Journal for Disney Magical World, we’re stopping by Daisy’s Boutique to make some new clothing! We even find a pair of Peter Pan jeans at Scrooge McDuck’s shop! I couldn’t squeeze into them fast enough! Share this Video Journal with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more just below!

Joshy’s Thoughts on Mario Kart 8


It feels pretty great to say Mario Kart 8 launches next month! The title features a plethora of features, including characters, courses, items and more! Just how excited is TheBitBlock for Mario Kart 8 on Wii U? Speed down to the video just below and find out! Share this video with friends on Facebook, Twitter and […]

Journal – Disney Magical World | Meeting Mickey!


Stop what you’re currently doing and run away with me to the most magical world in the…world! The very first installment of TBB’s Journal for Disney Magical World is now up! We’ll chat with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and more! Share this Video Journal with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more just below!

The 8 BEST Items in Mario Kart!


Through the many years of Mario Kart’s history there has always been a strong focus on wacky items. With a total of 8 games in the series, I decided it was time to sit back and go over my 8 personal favorite bits of weaponry in the series. Which made my list? Find out just […]

REVIEW – Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball


It’s officially Baseball season, which makes the launch of Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball that much more enticing. The title features a unique ‘Free to Play’ setup where you can purchase various Baseball themed game modes from a talking Pooch! Is Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball the real deal? Could it be the next great eShop title […]

REVIEW – Yoshi’s New Island


Baby Mario & Yoshi have returned to their roots in Yoshi’s New Island on Nintendo 3DS! The game follows the original SNES title quite closely, so expect lots of egg tossing, zany enemies and a loud, drooling Baby Mario. How does the new title hold up? Find out just below in the Video Review! Share […]

THE FOLD – Yoshi’s New Island | Co-Op MiniGames


Yoshi’s New Island features a handful of Cooperative MiniGames for you and friend to take on! Everything from tossing eggs, eating Koopas, popping balloon and more. Today on The Fold Nick and I will be attempting to grab ourselves some egg-cellent high scores in all 6 of the games! Share this episode of The Fold […]

REVIEW – Professor Layton & the Azran Legacy


It’s definitely no mystery as to why the Professor Layton series has been so loved over the years. The games continue to deliver a very unique and refreshing experience. The Azran Legacy is the final installation in the Professor Layton series. Providing hundreds of mind bending puzzles, personable characters and a grand story, there’s no […]

REVIEW – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


Donkey Kong is back and he’s bringing a few fuzzy friends with him! Tropical Freeze features all new worlds, new Kong partners, new collectibles and more! So, chill out and watch TheBitBlock’s indepth Video Review for Donkey Kong’s very first Wii U title! Be sure to scratch & sniff the video, it’s banana scented! Share […]

Mindless Mumblings – Your Nintendog Misses YOU!


Remember the days of petting your virtual Nintendog, throwing it some toys to play with, teaching it tricks and going on walks! Why did those magical days come to an end? No worries, I’m here to remind you of the great times we all day with our puppies, and encourage you to go back for […]